DC3 Flight Check-in & Passenger Info

Check in at the DC3 Hangar

  1. The Direct Directions to our Hangar.
  2. Check in time and details for your flight.
  3. Any updated information – upcoming events.
  4. Things to do on the way to and from Ardmore, etc.
  5. A reminder to check your emails on the Friday before your Weekend flight.
  6. And important that you give us two contact phone numbers that we can contact you on.

What You Can Expect Before Your Flight:

On the Thursday night or Friday morning before your Scenic flight:
  • We will email you a weather update.
  • If we need to cancel or postpone a flight for any reason: eg: weather, technical ,etc , we will make contact as soon as possible on the two phone numbers you give us, and offer three other dates to plan for.
  • We will also update Facebook FLY DC3 New Zealand  or our website between 7pm the night before or 7am the day of your flight.
  • Remember to pack your vouchers, or a credit /debit card , or cash for payment.
  • Bring your camera, sunglasses, and also a jacket on a cooler day.
*PLEASE NOTE: On the day of the flight, if you need to contact us, call or text on 0274382297. We will be up early and out at the Hangar. For your comfort, safety and ability to access up onto the aircraft, you are required to be physically mobile, and also able to be seated in comfort.
  • Can you walk unaided, or with a walking stick at least 50 meters. (We can drive you out to the DC3 if required/staff available.)
  • Can you Step up 5 steps onto the aircraft? (With just 1 Crew member assisting).
  • If you can’t walk out or access up into the DC3 – our crew are very happy to help you enjoy the experience of joining us for Morning Tea, then watching the Start, taxi and departure. When the DC3 returns, we will get you out there to look around and under the DC3. You just need Someone/Family/Friend to assist you with your Walker/Wheelchair.
  • Can you comfortably be seated in a Boeing economy class seat? Let us know at the time of booking if you need an extension seat belt. If you require more ‘width’ space than a Boeing Economy class seat, please let us know when booking. We want everyone to feel welcome and thoroughly enjoy your time with us.

There are two entrances to Ardmore Airfield – Airfield Road from the North and Hamlin Road from the South:

From the North:

  • Stay on the motorway, past ‘Tip Top’ Corner, drive past Manukau City…and take  the Hill Rd turnoff at Manurewa (By the Botanical Gardens). Turn (L) into Hill Rd. Follow for about a km, and veer (R) around the little round-a-bout into Stratford Rd.
  • At the large ‘roundabout’ at lower end of Stratford Rd, drive across to Alfriston Rd. (Careful – lots of cyclists!) Keep driving on this country road to the next ‘roundabout’ at Alfriston School, then turn (R) into Mill Rd – a long straight road.
  • Drive down Mill Rd, until you get to the roundabout. Take care – (fast traffic from the right….) Turn left onto Airfield Rd.
  • Drive 1.5 kms and at the end of the long straight, turn (R) into the airfield. Again – take care of fast oncoming traffic as you turn.
  • Drive on Corsair Lane , past Pionair Restorations.
  • Our hangar is the middle large one at 458 Corsair Lane.

From the South:

  • Take the Papakura exit off motorway and turn onto Beach Rd.
  • Drive across the intersection with Great South Rd and drive into Settlement Rd. Turn (L) into Marne Rd. Veer (R) into Clevedon Rd, and follow for a couple of kilometers.
  • Turn (L) into Hamlin Rd. There are 2 really tight 90 degree bends so take care on this road. Turn (R) into the Airfield gates.
  • Turn immediately Left into Corsair Lane.
  • Drive past Cessna Lane until you see our sign, hangar and carpark at 458 Corsair Lane.